Recap សំណុំរឿងក្រុងឡកយ៉ាង

Gao Bingzhu (Huang Xuan) is involved in a case by mistake and becomes a suspect. When he tries to prove his innocence, he meets Baili Hongyi (Wang Yibo), who wants to find out the truth about his father being poisoned. The two cooperate and investigate the mysteries together. Wu Siyue (Victoria Song), who is from a prestigious family, investigates and approaches Gao Bingzhu, who is excellent in martial arts and has wisdom to find information related to the case. These two people of completely different classes, though can't seem to see eye to eye, end up getting attracted to each other. As they continue to dig into the case and search for the truth, they discover a shocking conspiracy capable of destroying and bringing bloodshed to the city.