Recap : បណ្តាសាស្នេហ៍ឆ្លងភព

Produced by iQiyi, co-produced by Yide Culture and Creative, and produced by iQiyi Yijiang Studio, the fairy tale drama “Moon Song Xing” will be exclusively broadcast on iQiyi’s entire network at 20:00 tonight. Previously, “Moon Song Xing” had multiple rounds of wonderful materials bombarded in turn. The actors’ lines, eye scenes and the overall story were full of suspense, which made the audience look forward to it for a long time. Today, the official exposure of the “Moon by Moon” MV and group portrait posters, the “Moon by Moon” MV sung by Zhou Shen, the famous fighting scenes, cool special effects, beautiful scenes and other pictures, under Zhou Shen’s affectionate and unique singing voice, will The atmosphere of Xianxia is full, and the sweet and romantic stories are intertwined, which is very exciting. In the poster, a group of young and powerful actors appeared collectively, and the moving story surrounding them kicked off.